07 June, 2005

Is Big Brother Already Here?

Just scanning through the papers and what do I come across? A new innovation. A computerized device to improve work efficiency in delivery of goods and foods to British supermarkets. Pull the other leg its definitely got bells on it. Workers in Britain were being asked to wear these devices so bosses could cut cost and improve efficiency. Are the bosses of these firms actually ensuring they get more work for the same pay? Is this the start of big brother. I know new technology has to come sooner or later and it should be used to improve our life style. From what I've read in the last couple of months. It seems to me we are closing in on what I call the 1984 syndrome. Is technology really improving that fast? Can you imagine going to work strapping on this device and hey presto it does it for you. Can you imagine being so tired that you come home from work your wife wants attention so you had put on a device. Sex wouldn't be that much fun would it? but it does have its upside to it. Women couldn't use I've got a headache anymore could they?
I don't believe human beings evolved just to sit around all day. Do you? The more innovative we get. The closer we get to machines ruling our lives. God forbid if we let them think for us fully because we are half way there already. Computers are becoming apart of everyday life. I can just see it now we have a machine that's our prime minister. We would be at war in ten minutes. Machines have no room for talk. It is a scenario to think about isn't it?

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