19 December, 2005

Answer to David's comment

I would agree with you whole heartedly if it wasn't for the fact that homelessness is now on the increase again. In the Westminster area alone the rise is around 80 more people sleeping on the streets and all the bed spaces they have are now full. As you know it is hard for the government to included homelessness on any agenda as they say they are eradicating it slowly but surely. I personally don't think it is a matter solely about just building more social housing in villages as part of keeping communities together is the answer but it could be part of it. I think it's about getting society to accept that we do have a problem and that it will take sometime to solve. The other major problem of becoming homeless is on how to get back into society once you have been socially excluded because being excluded from society is a major part of the homelessness problem. I can't remember how many times I have heard the words we don't want these people on our doorsteps but it's been quite a few. In my opinion is we need to re-educate these people that think it's not their problem because we are all members of society no matter what.

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