09 December, 2005

It's not funny

Why does it always happen to me is the question I keep asking myself. I should explain that I have been on this homemade cooking thing for a few months now and on Tuesday night I decided to make a steak and kidney pie out of what I had left in my fridge. So I made the pie and ate it and it didn't taste too bad but I thought I over cooked it. Anyway I was having trouble with stomach pains and having to go to the toilet and being sick. So I went to the doctors yesterday morning and I have had to spend last night in the hospital for observation as I had given myself food poisoning but that's not the end of it this morning just before I am being discharged I am told by the specialist that he reads my blog and knows who I am. So we chatted for a few minutes and he tells me he is going to write his own blog and I asked him how I am and if things will be all right and he tells me I will live. it's not funny because this year things seem to have happened to just me repeatedly

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