08 December, 2005

What a day

Yesterday I decided to give my computer a break as I am on it seven days a week for at least six hours a day but I have to say Tuesday was what I would call a good day. Myself and other members of the big voice tour met with several liberal democrats MPs in the houses of parliament to put our points of view across and to ask questions and to listen to what they had to say and I hope they really listened to what we had to say. The idea behind the big voice tour was to say well now you have said the homeless can vote and as I did point out that there are 380,000 homeless and hidden homeless so that means there are potentially that many that can vote and half would if they thought they would be listened to but the idea was to get future MPs to listen to us and try to work out solutions to the problems homeless people face after all who better to tell them the ups and downs of being homeless.

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