24 December, 2005

Homeless at Christmas

When we think of christmas, we think of spending time with our families and friends. Yet when you are homeless there really isn't any place to go or any family to meet or real friends. That's why i think the crisis open Christmas does work. It brings together people from all walks of life. The strangest thing of all is to see the act of compassion that the volunteers show at christmas and to see it working is quite a sight. Even in the wet shelter but nothing can replace those memories of christmas's that have rushed on by. For some homeless people it is the only time of year they are treated as they would wish to be treated everyday of the year but because they may have problems. They are shunned by society in general. As i have said before until we realise that these are just people with problems and not the problem its self. Then we will still see homeless people everyday of the week. Its like the lottery slogan says it could be you. It only takes one thing to change anyone's life for the worse and once there it takes a superhuman effort to get yourself back to what's called normality.

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