05 December, 2005

Someone always takes advantage

As I stood outside a north London church nightshelter with someone I took there. So they could get a nights sleep and something to eat. While we where waiting for it to open there was a sort of drunken scuffle and a lot of heated words but the main topic of argument was that there were people in the queue that had places to live and that they were taking the places that someone homeless genuinely needed. I was not surprised in the least. When people have somewhere to live they seem to edge back towards the streets every so often. I used to spend one night every so often just to remind me that one slip and I could be back for good. I always called it the loneliness of me. Going from the streets to a hostel to a flat can be the most loneliest time in the world for someone that's not had a place of their own. Company is sometimes all they require and it's not their intention to deprive someone of a nights sleep. Most of them have something to eat and a chat then go home but you do always get the ones that just don't give a dam. They stay the night taking someone's place that's needed. I have to admit I did it on two occasions when I was in my first hostel. I had to leave it because there was me trying to stay drug free and there where drugs being taken and sold there. I desperately wanted to stay clean. On a couple of occasions I stayed in one of these winter night shelters. I eventually went back on to the streets from the hostel. Just to get away from the drugs it was the best decision I ever made besides to stop using drug altogether. Although some people thought I was crazy. I am still clean to prove it.
There will always be someone to take advantage of any situation whether it be at work or someone homeless. It's just the way things are and we have to expect these things. There is no real way of stopping it unless we start using lie detector tests. We have to take certain things into account and besides most of the homeless people are known and they know it too.

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