12 December, 2005

Well folks I am feeling much better I've had enough of lying on my settee wrapped in my blanket, moping about, thinking why does it always happen to me. Tomorrow I face the world once again. I bet I sound like some crusader from years gone by. I have decided to only cook what's in my freezer not my fridge in future.
I was thinking this though, being alone and being ill was such a drag and a pain but it has been the only time this year I have a chance to look back at what I have achieved this year. What have I done that defines this year I have to say my blog. I get comments and emails from all over the world but what I think most is that I tell the truth no matter how hard it maybe. I try to tell people just how hard it is living on the streets. How once you become homeless you become really a non entity, a second class citizen. I have also tried to tell people the causes of homelessness by telling peoples stories. I have also made the point that even ordinary people have problems and that by making one wrong choice it could have been them. I have tried to put the governments side of things and what they intend to do if anything.
We haven't had a severe winter for a decade and we do have day centers and hostels although full continue to do good work, well most of them. We have people like the crisis organization that look to the future and how people can grow. So it's easy to forget that people are really struggling all over the world from discease, war and famine and how lucky we are in this country to have people fighting for our rights like health housing ect.
It's just a shame that the cure is so near yet so far.

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