09 December, 2005

Who is to blame

Today I read for the first time that homeless people should take some responsibility for there situation. This was on a blog from someone who reads mine. Well I have to say in the early days I blamed my parents, the government and virtually anybody I could think of. My life hasn't been perfect but the mistakes that I made were I have to say my own. Sorting them out and putting them right now that was the hardest thing. The thing is, just like everyone I suppose asking for help is difficult and when you have a thirty year drug habit things can be a little touchy but I did it and I didn't go into drug rehab. I did it still living on the streets I learned to read and write still living on the streets but when I needed the help to go further and get off the streets I got it because there where people that still cared. If I slip up ( God forbid) and take a step backwards are people still going to be there I think so because that's what life is all about trial and error. We all make mistakes some not so big but we are all supposed to learn by them. I learn new things everyday and to tell the truth I wouldn't want it to stop. Although I regret what I call my lost years. I know I am hugely to blame for them. Then again what's the point in blaming anyone. Instead of sitting on the side lines .Why not just get on with things and help where you can? After all you cannot get back what's gone. You can only improve your life for today and thinking about tomorrow isn't really much good as plans always change. So you see along the way I have learned quite a lot but without help I wouldn't have.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie-- just surfed in from a link in an article featuring you in my local paper (The Straits Times, Singapore). Just though ti'd let you know your voice is reaching places!

wishingstar said...

Hi jamie, i read in the papers (The Straits Times, Singapore) yesterday about your story. i admire your courage to kick your drug habit and take charge of your life. i think your sharing of testimony and present involvement in helping homeless people is both encouraging and inspiring!

i read your poem 'God's Little Joke' from the papers too. i believe that God will give ear to earnest cries of His children, and the sometimes things happen can be result of our actions or, as part of God's plan, which ultimately, works out to be the best for us.

may more outreach programme be extended towards the homeless and their needs be met! :)