19 December, 2005

A speech to be leader of the Lib Dems

I was just lying here on my bed for a few minutes thinking I would like to apply for the leadership of the lib dems that's if Mr Kennedy does quit. I mean if you look at it from my point of view. Who knows better than any MP what drive and determination you have to have to change a whole lot of things.
What would I do about homelessness I make it fairer on single homeless people and not have that barrier that says its ok you can cope because they are simply single or categorizing homeless people under the heading of addicts.
I would introduce so many things, like half payment fees for students but they would have to enter in to a contract so it could be paid back at a certain rate according your employment status. That's assuming you get a job after college but it would only be paid back once you entered employment.
Now I know people will shake in their boots at this but where bulling goes on as I see it I would make it a criminal offence because the way I see bullying is that it is pure intimidation and physical abuse and it is an offence that adults go to prison for but it's not called bullying it's called assault and there are two kind also physical and verbal. I haven't yet worked out what kind of punishment but believe me it wouldn't be pleasant. Probably army cadet training rather than prison.
I would also put two pence in the pound on tax because everyone wants the NHS, free school meals, better roads, better pensions and so forth and we can see for ourselves it's just not working the way things should be at this moment in time but I would be honest and say maybe you don't like my ideas but this is it. This is what our country needs. It doesn't need any new deals that really don't offer much. It doesn't need any five point plans that only get to part three and then are scrapped because an election is due. It doesn't need any political speeches that offer promises that lead to nothing. So would I make a good candidate?

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