19 December, 2005

A reply to anonymous

!4 yr olds are one of the most vulnerable people in society because they are still teenagers that think they have grown up. I know from personal experience that just talking doesn't always work. You asked me what I would do I would show him what it could lead to. It's like the TV advert that shows you what could happen if you drink but to show someone in real life what could happen and for them to speak to someone who has been there and got the t shirt so to speak could have the biggest impact. If it was my son or daughter I would show them and ask them is this where you want to be in 18mths because that's how long you have before you fall. If you haven't collapsed by then. Children today need to be shown the true reality of things and if they're smart it can be life changing.

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Anonymous said...


I knew that your words would be wise. I have a means to do this. If Christmas & New Year go bad, I will.

I'll let you know how we get on.