01 December, 2005

To late to do what I wanted

I was supposed to go and get paint for my scenery for the pantomime I have been producing but I met this woman who had seen me on TV last Sunday and we got chatting and by the time we had finished it was 4 30pm and to late to do anything so I will have to do it tomorrow. The interesting things we talked about were homelessness and other related topics but we were both in agreement when we started to talk about women being single and homeless. It does seem that there are a lack of places available for women who are homeless. When I said it was probably due to the fact that there are more men homeless than women she disagreed. What she said was that there was a time when homelessness was dominated by men as women where seem as home makers and so forth but that has changed over the last ten years and now we are seeing more women living on the streets due to marriage break ups lose of jobs. Drugs basically the same problems faced by all homeless people. To be truthful I have seen quite a few women on the street but I have also met a few that are in hostels. I spoke to one young lady that said she was lucky because she suffered from a breakdown and was able to get a place. When I spoke to someone else though it was a different story. When I am being told about such stories it sometimes feels to me as if women are unintentionally being discriminated against. I'm not saying they are but they do seem to be getting the rough end of the stick so to speak.

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