04 December, 2005

The world doesn't stop

I get a lot of late night reading done now things have started to run smoothly. It was the one thing I hated most when I was learning to read and write but as I cast my eyes over the web or try to ask google for answers to some problems. It seems I always come up with answers I didn't want. Sometimes they're quite shocking revelations. Sometimes I started talking and laughing in disbelief. The one thing I do know is that as I search for answers they always seem to lead me back in time and to centuries ago. When there where work houses and children as young as nine and ten working 15hrs a day and homelessness was not so shocking as it is today. I have been trying to imagine what it was like for a homeless person in those days but I always come to the conclusion that although we are homeless life is not as hard as it was then. I'm not saying being homeless is easy its not and I should know but I keep asking the question. Would I have survived in those days? I always come up with the answer no. Life is hard no matter who you are but not so many of the people who are what we would call middle class would exist today if things hadn't changed dramatically. We still have homelessness around the world and it does seem as if its here to stay like the oldest profession in the world, prostitution. No matter what we try to do it just doesn't want to go away. When crisis first started it was thought it would take ten or twenty years and the problem would be solved but it still rears its ugly head. So when I hear or see some article like the ones I see from people that don't know a damn about being homeless it makes me so angry. I was thinking of wearing my t shirt that says I have been homeless and I have t shirt to prove it but the world will not stop because there are people that just get by. By just about surviving or that people have become immune to certain things. History tells me things do get better. It's just a question of when?

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