29 December, 2005

Why should we donate to help people learn when they need to be housed.

The question of why should we help homeless people to learn to read and write,learn skills that might help them get employment always seems to be popping up more often now. As more and more charities fight for their slice of the donating public. Well firstly I would say that people who are homeless and in that state of limbo of being in society but not being apart of it are usually the least skilled. Most are looking for ways to get to do things they know they can do with help and if we don't hold out that helping hand they don't stand a chance of fully rejoining society.
As I harp on about the way we can help people like teaching the basic life skills more and more people are entering the hidden homeless system. It does seem that we need to expand our learning and skills and now teach them skills that would be useful in gaining employment and keep them in employment.
Donations are the only way of doing this for most charities. My own goal for next year is getting employment full time and as I learn more and more each day. I have a certain drive and passion to work in the homeless sector and I think that because I have been on the other side of the fence will come in handy. So to all you that are saying why should I donate well, now you know.


DaddyTango said...

Hi There Jamie
Jason Here we met in Manchester at the big red tour, i have been reading your comments on the blog and i get a shiver when i think about the hastle that i went through for nearly 3 years to try to get in to accommodation of my own. What with the problems with class A's as well. I feel that people who say there is no reason for anyone to be homeless need to stop and think what if for any reason they were faced with homelessness for a family breakdown, bereavement or anything similar would they be as quick to find themselves a roof when the only thing you need is a meal and some warmth. Giving that there is a massive shortage of affordable rented accommodation and that you can wait years to be rehoused by the council. I feel that those people in their own homes secure from the problems we face have not got a clue and would love to see them deal with what i have had to, life is what you make it but sometimes you do need help and thanks to those charities and organisations who do help those of us who need it.

DaddyTango said...

Hi there again Jamie
Twice in one day nice.
I wish to say that i feel that independance is bread into many of us in this country but is easily forgoten when factors such as drink and drugs as well as homelessness are involved but just giving a person a helping hand to get themselves back into a routine and to learn the skills needed to survive in this day and age is paramount as if they are in the hidden community for even the slightest period then this all goes out of the window, i feel that things will start to get beter before they get any worse with the new initiatives the govt has introduced but more focus needs to be placed on the core issues such as drink, drugs, and the effects that these can have as well as the consequences on their life which in some cases is ireversable even if tackled at an early stage, a user is always 3 days away from a habit for the rest of their lives no matter how long they have been clean, so education and involvement should be the main way to combat both homelessness and some of the effects this has