14 December, 2005

What a morning.

I thought I was kind of normal now I'm beginning to think I am not a full shilling. I should explain over the years I have done something's that I have ended up in court for and been given fines and I have even been sent to prison but like most addicts I never paid the fines and over the last twelve months things seem to be catching up with me. So you can imagine my horror when my doorbell rang and four beefy policemen said in unison are you one Jamie McCoy. I had to think because there might have been two of me but it was just like a scene from a Monty python sketch. I thought it funny especially after the last time they came. I asked then if there was anything else outstanding and the answer was no. To send four policemen after a �35 fine seems to me a little excessive I paid it on the spot because it was either that or do not pass go or collect two hundred pounds just go straight to jail for 21 days and with Christmas coming I didn't fancy jail. The point what I am trying to make is that four policemen who could have been doing something else like catching muggers, Shoplifter's, murders or making our streets safer. How the hell can it be justified when you have court appointed warrant officers? It has cost the tax payers 20 times as much just to collect �35 and while they were collecting it three mugging one burglary four asaults occurred somewhere in this country. I think we need to look at the way we used police manpower and the way fines are collected especially small ones. I know that most people like me used to always try to avoid paying the fine but if you look at things logically most will end up in court again. Now surely the fine can be gotten or more time to pay can be granted then. The warrants any court issues seems to work when someone skips court. There has to be a better way. No I am not angry that they came, just shocked as it was only for not having a valid travel ticket. Well I supose I am a little angry as I am now broke and my new regime of buying fresh food has gone to pot and to make things worse I'm begining to think that maybe this month might be jinked

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