11 December, 2005

A small Sunday rant.

What I don't get is when these people say that there shouldn't be homeless people in a country like ours. Yet they see it everyday when they walk to work or on their way home and most never stop to think how can I help make this better simply because it doesn't concern them and that it's not happening to them. I think we forget that homelessness is the result of problems in our society. Around the world we see the causes of homeless and some of them so bad. When we look at our own problems we don't really see them. If you take what's being called hidden homeless just because people have a roof over their heads it doesn't mean it is the solution, the cure. There are far more under lying problems like alcoholism and drug addiction or mental health or even physical abuse. When the election was running there was no mention of homelessness on any political party agenda. Now the in words today are socially excluded. Which covers anything from being crippled to not educated. It seems to me that this government are prepare to say we will help the socially excluded but which ones do they mean because you can't put them all underneath one umbrella. Homeless people are treated as a non entity in modern society. They are only seen by most parts of society as the problem. Not the out come of problems. We as a human society seem to sweep things under the carpet. I think we should now be facing the problem head on and ending a problem that is hundreds of years old. After all we may think homelessness is a modern day problem but I can assure you it's not.

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Miguel said...

Makes me remember Romania, when locals constantly told me that there should be no street children and that it was the street children fault.