22 December, 2005

A Christmas wish to all

Well, it's nearly here that time of the year when everybody reflex's on the year that has just flown by. There will be family Christmas parties going on all over the world for some it will be the only time they see each other in a year. What I was thinking about was all those parents that are sitting by their phones this Christmas waiting for their loved ones to call like they have been doing all year round. I hope this Christmas that their prayers will be answered and if you are one of those that have been missing from home take five mins to call just to say hello, how are you. To all those that know me and think I am a pain in the rear. Happy Christmas to you and to all those I don't know. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you as well.


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Anonymous said...

Have a good Christmas & New year Jamie, thank you for your help.