21 December, 2005


I have just come from a Christmas party where they kidnapped you from home and take you to an undisclosed party venue. Yes I am a bit worse for wear but I'm happy. This is a first for me to be invited to a party where I know people and there are no drugs. ( except from the crisis party I go to every year where there are just people having such a great time.) but as I talked to people that I once would have thought normal members of society. I became increasing aware that they to had problems. Some the same as what I have. It's funny we all think that people who have jobs and career's as these people that are really making something of themselves but in reality some of these people are struggling to be just themselves. Why I don't have a clue. I suspect it's that old thing of trying to fit in and being appreciated which we all work so hard at. Take me for instance I thought I was the bees knees, when I could write but as I have improved I have learned that there are better. That's what I think is the matter with society in general we don't accept that their maybe someone or something better. Don't mind me I am a bit worse for wear but I was just thinking.

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