19 December, 2005

John bird MBE founder of the big issue

Well, John bird is at it again giving his usual Christmas controversial titled speech.
preventable and predictable. Which in it he tries to give an outline of problems and an insight into the solution but I think if you look at from an overall perspective I think it's just a rehash of what he says most years. Because we all know that we need to prevent people from becoming homeless or being drug addicts ect: The fact that he says we need to rethink things the way we over spend money on the immediate need of homeless people. He says we must take a large part of the emergency money and refocus it on prevention in the early stage, but when I asked the question. What happens to the people that need the help there and then? His answer was just say, yes some will suffer but we wouldn't need to fund a cure later on if we focused on prevention.
We have an estimated 380,000 homeless and hidden homeless single people and it is expected that will rise next year. By the year 2020 it is estimated that there will be 1,000,000. I think we must concentrate on homeless people now and look at ways of preventing homelessness in the future. We must also get the various organizations together to spear head joint ventures.
As to homeless people working this is the questions I myself have raised this year on many occasions and the question on how many homeless people actually work for homeless charities which would seem to make sense to me and like the big issue how many homeless vendors actually work for the big issue as writers or such. Now that would be a sense of achievement even I could talk about.
For John bird to say we as a society have a big problem is an understatement. Homelessness has been around for hundreds of years with no end in site. It was thought in the early years that by ending child labour homelessness would be reduced. Even When the homeless charity crisis was formed it was thought that homelessness could be eradicate within ten years but thirty years on it still exists. The problem has grown much bigger today because we have a youth culture that use drugs and drink. We do have a society in parts on the verge of being lawless.
Just because we see the problem. It doesn't mean we don't have to find a cure and prevention is not the only answer.
so my answer to you your headline preventable and predictable is it doesn't matter whether what background you come from there's is always the chance that it could be you on the street and sometimes it is not preventable sometimes it's not even predictable. What some charities are doing today is not predictable but is having an effect on the outcome.


David said...

Well done for going along - it's not often that people with actual experience of homelessness get to go to these things. I don't think the cure for homelssness is as massive as some think BUT it must be a central part of Government thinking. For example, if more social homes were built in villages and small towns, as part of keeping working communities together, it would reduce the number of people leaving them and going to the nearest big city. This is just one of a number of strands which could drastically reduce homelessness. If there's a will there's a way!

Anonymous said...

Well! Shouting about the problem certainly won@t make it go away.
A more flexible system of dealing with those already homeless would be more useful: more accommodation/less 'red-tape'/opportunities which genuinely help people to get back into work,instead of 'silting up hostels', instead of keeping them homeless so that the major players can get govt. subventions to keep friends & family in plum jobs/and most importantly, a society that does not create the conditions which lead people(particularly the young) to feel so hopeless that they feel obliged to use drugs to help deal with their problems of insecurity and emasculation.

Anonymous said...

john bird is a great man he has help my and many other students in our school he recently visited me and many other students i our school (burntwood) and it was a great experience we learnt alot about him and many other who had the same experience he once faced i just wanted to fank him personally a to tell him how much he realy did help