22 July, 2005

Art by homeless people

Today art will be on display at the Fordham gallery in Bethnell Green. The exhibition will contain art from homeless people who attend the skylight activity centre. This exhibition hopes to showcase the talent that homeless people posses when they have the chance to reveal it. It also hopes to show what can be done in centers like skylight. This exhibition is the first to be put on at a private gallery. The space is being provided by the gallery owner for free. He doesn't know it yet, but I aim to put him on the spot by getting a interview.
Well, I did get the interview, and this what the owner said. I went into to the skylight centre just to have quick look at what skylight were doing. I saw the art room and all this art which reminded me of some contemporary artists work and I thought it deserved to be shown to the public. Is this a case of art for art sake?

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