26 July, 2005

Spinning the web

After all the meeting and interviews I have done so far on my blog. Someone asked how come I have so sole control and I can write what I want. I told them that was the terms after all it was meant to be a sort of diary. Which I thought was boring. So if I woke up one morning and I wanted to say I think the prime minister leads a double life because I think he's really gay. I could say that, not that I do it's just an example. Sorry Mr Prime Minister, but when I stand with my hands on my hips I get accused of it myself. It's what I call spinning the web. People like Bill Thompson have a different idea of spinning the web. he leans a bit more towards the technical side. Me I want to have fun with my blog as well as being serious. Lynne Featherstone writes for her constituents to tell them what's going on and sometimes about meeting she's had. Its one way to write a blog if you're an MP of which she is. Then you have Boris Johnson he thinks the best way to Islamism is to have a laugh. Boris I hate to tell you this but we can't stop laughing because you're an MP. Now Sandra Gidley I wonder, is she the modern day Guy Fawkes after all she thinks that port cullis house opposite the houses of parliament could with stand 747 crashing into it, are the houses of parliament next? Hmmm that gives me an idea. Then you have me. Just a normal run of the mill bloke with a certain flair for being just me. If you asked a certain someone at the Hansard society if I was normal, he'd just laugh. Sorry Barry. Well I guess this just gives you an idea on how my mind works and how much fun blogging can be.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jamie - I'd like to reiterate that you are certainly one of a kind but that you've done amazinly well on the blog and made it very much your own.

Keep up the good work and multiple links...


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