08 July, 2005

Terrorists bomb London

Today was a sad day in Britain as the threat of terrorism became a reality. Four blasts across London. I was walking towards the St Mungo's hostel just around the corner from where the explosion took place. I heard a loud explosion so did other members of the public. What I saw as I rushed to the corner to find out what was happening was something I will not forget for a long while . There were people screaming and running away, I stood stock still and was speechless for once. I knew something bad had happened but I just couldn't believe it was happening. Within a few minutes there were police and ambulances. Myself and other members of the public asked if we could help but we were told to move on. I then walked up to Holborn station to await for my bus in a total state of shock and was told there were no more buses running. So I walked home. Where I have sat on my sofa in shock most of the day thinking.
Most of my life has been filled with drugs and people around me dying. So why should this shock me? I think it's because all my suffering over the years has been of my own doing and this today was something entirely different. It was the killing of innocent people just going about their daily routine. The is one of blackest days in London has seen for about twenty years. That day being when people where killed in the fire disaster at Kings Cross but that was different as well because that was an accident. This was not. I have been listening to the news and I have heard the experts views and I agree that this is now the new kind of war that's being fought on the home front. As for al qaeda saying this is a holy war. I disagree and always have. No war can ever be called holy. This atrocity was just plain terrorism. I will go about London tomorrow doing my own thing like many others. I will be looking for homeless people I know in that area and making sure that they are OK. It's days like this when people just come together to help each other no matter what. That we see the true colour of humanity.

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Rowena GoLightly said...

I'm glad to hear you are personally okay and hope no one you know was harmed. I was worried about everyone I know at Crisis as they are really close to that area Aldgate and so many must go through Lpool St. Stay safe