22 July, 2005

Taking that bus

As I sit writing and listening to what's going on in the news, I can't help but wonder what is the world coming to? Then you hear another tube station is being closed. Then you start to think about things more seriously. It's then that these terrorists start to win the battle of nerves.
I think fear is one of the key elements that make us unique as human beings. If we didn't have this thing called fear we wouldn't strife for the things we do. Things like a better life for our children, a better home, democracy and freedom. I believe it's this fear that keeps us striving for more. Take me for instance, I fear my old life, the drug addict who was homeless and had no future. It's that fear of returning to that way of life that keeps me in line. Terrorists play on fear but in a different way because all human beings no matter who you are fear death. So as they plant their bombs with their inevitable results they bring panic to whatever city they attack and they install their brand of fear in us. Am I afraid? Of course I am, every time I get on a bus. I wouldn't be human if I wasn't, but I am more afraid of letting these terrorists win. I believe we live in the best country in the world even better than America. We have a sense of freedom in this country that is unparalleled in the world. We have a NHS system, although in a bit of trouble, still helps heal people in other countries. We have a partially armed police force and that's only due to the increase of terrorist and armed robbers over the last forty years, but this is why I get on a bus and go to wherever I have to and I'm glad to see the people of Britain do the same.

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