12 July, 2005

Shakespearean words

Tis good to see thee on this mid summers night. Where passion doth arise. But hence on knobbling hill. tis sight for mine old weary eyes. Just thought it would make a change to open this blog in Shakespearean style. If the The Guardian can do it so can I. The director of the RSC says its like having a year long rock festival, personally I think he's exaggerating. To be quite honest sometimes I find Shakespeare a bit boring. But I do have my favorite plays of his. People seem to think Shakespeare and all the other play writes and poets write for the hob nobs and socialites of this world but they don't. Plays like Shakespears are for everyone now matter if you are homeless or having problems. Everybody has different tastes in this world some people don't like long winded poetry they can't understand. Some just like to hear it. As I said it takes all kinds to make a world.

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