15 July, 2005

Changing life awards

It's nice to hear about Something that actually works when you are talking about homeless people. Crisis the homeless charity started changing lives. A scheme offering help with expenses. Like college fees, tools for work or even starting a small business. It has become what is now known as changing lives awards. Which where supported by Barclay's bank plc. Now in it's forth year. A special award was given to acknowledge someone for his or her achievements. The finalist were picked from all over the country and for their overall achievements. All the recipients of crisis awards have been homeless are now leading what some people would call productive lives, But personally its all the achievements that really count. I can tell you it is not easy to go from rock bottom to the heady heights of normality. All the people that have received awards over the last couple of years. Need to give themselves credit for achieving what I can only describe in most cases as mission impossible. So to all of them I will raise my glass and say better days are definitely ahead.

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aka Tango said...

Hi Jamie
This is Jason here we met at the BIG VOICE TOUR IN MANCHESTER ealier this year this is a link to my newly created Bloggs http://jasonakadaddytango.blogspot.com http://www.blog.co.uk/main/index.php/myshizzle
Please feel very free to post a comment if you like. I was reading the new research carried out by DEMOS and CRISIS in to homelessness, independent living, working and the barriers that face us. It is particularly relevant to me as i am working at the moment but am still classed as homeless as i live in dispersal accommodation and i also have a child on the way and it is very difficult to manage everything sometimes. It is really good to see that you are involved in helping to try to provide awareness on this issue as you are the best man for the job as you have had first hand experience of it.