13 July, 2005

Homelessness still existing

In 1966 homelessness came to the fore and the issue of homelessness was for the first time given priority after the film Cathy come home directed by Ken Loach. It's now 2005 and we still have the same problem with homelessness. I believe we have a worse problem now than we had then. Because we now have a drug culture.
One of the things a drug addict needs is money to buy their drugs and there are several way to get it one is to steal another is to do what I did beg. Come to think of it I did both but there's another a darker more seedier side. Which is to sell ones body as demeaning as it may seem prostitution is being done more often by women and men who have drug habits. From this comes all manner of problem in the later stages of life for these people and I do know, men and women who get their money for drugs this way. Is this just Cathy come home all over again? will it take another film to show just how bad the situation really is?

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