12 July, 2005

Former homeless addict goes to houses of parliament.

Today my day started just like anyone else's. Full of expectation. It wasn't until about four o'clock when I went into a shop and tried to pay for my shopping that things became a bit difficult.. I had lost my wallet and my day was beginning to go from good to bad. I tried to retrace my steps but to no avail. By the time I did all this I then had to rush because I had to go to the houses of parliament for a e-democracy event. So as you can imagine my mood was not that great. But I have to say the event was a pleasure to be at. Guess what though Bomb scare just as I was leaving and I met Boris Johnson the Hugh Grant of politics. He stopped to say hello.
I bet you're asking yourselves how does one get from begging on the street to being invited to the houses of parliament for a chat and drinks? Simple, write a blog and make it extraordinary reading. I'm joking, make it good reading of course. So everyone wants to read it. I would say tonight's event made up for my disappointing day. Tomorrow I have another thing to attend but this time I have to get up and speak in front of around 100 invited people and I'm peeing my pants. No rest for the used to be wicked is there?

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