19 July, 2005

Blogging in a big way

As you know from last weeks blog. We had a meeting last week about blogging being the thing that should be used now rather than later. Well, it seems that our crusade if you can call it that for more bloggers especially homeless bloggers will come to fruition as in the next couple of weeks I will be teaching homeless people how to blog and what a blog is.
Corporate blogging has already started with some major firms directors and executives from Microsoft, general motors, Sun Microsystems and handfuls of other people from different corporations. If they feel it is wise to blog. Then what's wrong with the idea that it can be used as a tool successfully?
I believe blogs can be used by anyone who has something to say. I think the major problem is that people are afraid of being sued for liable and that's one of the major stumbling blocks which seems to becoming more and more prominent.
What are blogs anyway?
Blogs are meant to be on line personal diaries or thoughts of someone who is willing to share them with millions of people on line. Who by the way probably have the same thoughts. If you look at some of the blogs on line. You will see many stray from the normal diary format like my own blog which I believe is quite different to other blogs.
Should you be able to say anything on a blog?
Well, that's what under debate especially with all the laws we have on defamation of character. So does this mean can call your boss a raving gay backward twit? Which isn't so bad. If you'd like to call him more then I think you can but only if you can prove it. What would you put in your normal diary only things you have done or thought about. Your boss might sue anyway or you could go the other way run him down in the worst possible way blatantly without proof that he was what you actually what you said. All I can say is sod it all blogs are personal. I believe you can attack a persons credibility or anything to do with them only if you have the facts to back it up. i do it when talk about the government and homelessness. Newspapers do it all the time and are sometimes wrong and I think this should apply to blogs. the freedom of speech aplies to everyone. Blogs are fast becoming a new source of media publication.
Do blogs have to have a softer image before people in this country realise what a tool blogs can be?
Over the next couple of years we shall see. By then there will be a new forms of web sites and we shall be talking about as well.

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