04 July, 2005

As I wandered about Trafalgar square and Leicester square on Saturday and was amazed at just how many people there actually were at the gay pride march. On stage you had people talking about how glad they were to be gay( as Tom Robinson would put it). It just made me think that these people are no different to me. I asked a couple of people as I was leaving what they thought of gay people? And some said the usual so long as they keep themselves to themselves they're ok. It was the word they're that stuck in my head. You'd think that earth had been invaded by aliens. It's funny how many people are homophobic yet still went and enjoyed the day. My own feeling are that it doesn't matter what your sexual preferences. There should not be any prejudice against anyone who are gay but as we know there are. People should have the right to live how they want, whatever persuasion.

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