06 July, 2005

Olympic bid success

Well I guess it had to happen. Britain had to get something right eventually and to be honest I am really glad the Olympics are coming. But, what does it mean to all those that are living on the streets? I believe we are already seeing the effects at this moment and that has only been in the lead up to the selection stage. Having the games can be a good thing for this country I agree with that whole heartedly, but do we really need to hide the fact that we have a problem with homelessness? Every country in the world has the same problem. If you look at all the countries that have held the games in the past you never see a homeless person ( its as if they have been beamed to another planet) What I think is any Olympic committee meeting before the Olympics just agree to make the homelessness disappear for that short period of time. It must cost a fortune to do it every Olympics? It's as if homeless people don't exist.
Why not use these Olympics as an opportunity to show what a great caring nation Britain is?Lets use the talent on the streets now we have the games. Lets use homeless people at the games. as volunteers maybe? Every country will be at these games and they will recognize the problem of homelessness and they will be looking for solutions. Although the Olympics is only for a short period of time the benefits afterwards can be great. Are we going to waste a good opportunity to lead the way?

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Rowena GoLightly said...

personally I am really P'ed that London got the Olympics. As a UK tax payer I would like my contribution to go where it's needed most. I don't think this is it. You only have to look at Athens, nursing a hangover, a big bill and having stray dogs roam the deserted arenas. Education, health, homeless, social services all could have done with this cash more. How can Tony stand up and say lets wipe out world debt and seriously think about spending such vast amounts of cash on a sporting event, when too many adults and children in his country live in poverty. Ooh don't get me started! And before anyone accuses me, I am a sport fan, I love the idealogy of the Olympics. It's just not right for London.