15 July, 2005

An insight into addiction

When someone takes drugs it can be because they mix with a crowd of people that take them and, not to be left out, they follow the leader. These are the people that fall into addiction and are usually undetectable because they learn how to hide it so well. Then you have the other kind of addicts the ones whose lives have problems like being abused, bullied at school etc. These are the kind of addicts that you can see because of their problems. Then you have the ones who take things because they don't see a way out of the no hope situation. It could be as simple as losing their home and that feeling of failure. So they take drink or drugs to black out the feelings. At first it's that getting high feeling. A fun sort of feeling. Then after a while it becomes a feeling of security. As I used to be an addict I can only explain it as a feeling of being wrapped in cotton wool. That's when it has become a habit, but it just doesn't stop there it becomes a deadly habit as you take more and more. You reach a point where you are taking it to be normal. You don't realise that you're not in control of your life anymore or that the drugs are controlling you. How do you find a cure for something you can't really prevent? As you can't see the early signs, as all addicts hide their addiction really well. It's only when they are in trouble or have lasts jobs that you realise they have a problems.


Ro said...

sometimes your addiction takes you somewhere much nicer than reality. How do you stop it when the alternative seems so grim?

jamiemccoy said...

if you can get people to realise the grim alternative to drug is death as most addicts die from over dosing.

aka Tango said...

Tango said
And if you dont overdose then you have to live with the grim reality of what you have to do every day to feel normal and function overdose to some can be a way out and an escape