26 July, 2005

A Jamie day

What's a Jamie day you may well ask? Well it's a day when nothing goes right. Take yesterday for instance. I went all the way down to trafalgar square to do interviews only to be told most of people I went to interview were not there as the classes had been called off. Then when I got home I had guests so decided to make a quick corn beef hash with ice cream and jelly for afters. The jelly I had tried to make the night before, would it set? Would it hell. Then when I went to use my computer to do a few lines on my blog. I got such an electric shock, the hair on my head stood up. I must have looked really stupid. This morning I think I was having another jamie day . My new TV has decided it doesn't like what I'm watching and is turning itself on to other channels.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Remind me never to walk down the stairs in front of you!
(But maybe you should buy a Lottery ticket?)