19 July, 2005

Hard to sleep with the noise

Rough sleeping is still a problem in London. This man has slept in the same place now for about eight months. I asked him if he would like to go into a hostel. His reply was not bloody likely they're all crazy in those places including the people that work there.
The reason why I photographed this man was that here lies a man that would prefer to sleep on the street's because as he puts it he doesn't fit into the hostel system. He's been living on the streets most of his life. He drinks everyday and as he says "sometimes he does whiff a bit because its hard to find somewhere to wash and shave unless he walks miles to a day center. "
I asked him what its like for him living on the streets? he said "it's not that bad in the summer except for when it rains then it can be murder finding somewhere dry to sleep. In the winter it takes all my energy to even get up in the morning as the cold gets to my bones , but I manage it. It's then you know what the word struggle means."

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