13 July, 2005

Let a thousand blogs bloom

Let blogs bloom was the message myself and Mark Flanagan head of media campaigns for crisis gave last night in the Maggie Thatcher room at Portcullis house opposite the houses of parliament. Sandra Gidley MP for Romsey was also there to give her views on blogging as she is a blogger herself. Some of the staff from the crisis office also attended and they all sat in the seats at the side and to be honest they looked like the come dancing jury you see on a Saturday night. Or if you are old enough to remember juke box jury. I felt sure one of them was going to shout I give it five in a brummie accent. The meeting itself I think went well no one fell asleep and my own presentation went ok although it did start a bit shakily.
Blogs were meant to be sort of on line diaries but they are fast becoming more than that, as politicians in Britain attempt to use them a lot more, to reach wider audiences. I believe blogs can and should be used either by companies or charities as campaign tools. If you can imagine someone telling the whole world about your charity or company. Who it helps and can give exact facts and figures. The before and after scenarios and can also make it interesting to read. It would become priceless, a powerful campaigning tool. When it comes to charities like crisis, who need to show it as a tool of empowerment. Well, say no more after all I am here writing this. Although I think they were worried about it at first, after all I could have said some nasty things. As soon as I was told I had full control. Who knows? I still might.
Microsoft have already seen the way blogs are growing and latched on to there usefulness. So why shouldn't it happened in this country? At crisis we have produce a pamphlet called Weblogs-a powerful voice for campaigns. I think you will find interesting if you require one just email me at www.poetmccoy@hotmail.com. Hurry not many left. I think it would be remiss of me not to tell you that in today's modern society. New technology and innovation are always forth coming and we need to keep pace and use tools that are or will become part of bringing businesses into the twenty first century.

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aka Tango said...

I have only just set up my bloggs and am just learning the ropes. However i am enjoying the fact that i am at the forefront of a new cool trend as well as cyber candy its great