08 July, 2005

Hotels charge over the top rates

London is not the busy hive of business it normally is today but, everyone is trying to get back to some kind of normality after yesterday's awful events. Last night though, hotels and B and B's were accused of hiking up prices. This to me is disgusting as I saw first hand people willing to help complete strangers with injuries they received from yesterday's tragedy. So my question is why did these people who run hotels seem to think that this was an opportunity not to be missed?. When they already charge a fortune for one nights stay in the capital. A spokeswoman for thistle hotels said, we did not raise our prices in response to the tragedy .Thistle maintain their usual strategy of offering the best rates available on the fact that all hotels were full. That was a typical pr comment. I believe that hotels should either have reduced their charges for one night or made rooms available free of charge. This surely would have put them in good stead with the public.

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