03 July, 2005

This is the scene in Westminster where police are armed with machine guns, but how long before we see this on the streets of Britain? Gun crime is rising all over the country. We blame it on poor social upbringing, living on deprived estates, we never put it down to just people being plain bad. I am a great believer in people who use guns should go to prison for a very long time and people who kill should get life and life should mean life. People do say to me that everyone deserves a second chance. But If you ask them if it was their son or daughter that had been killed they cannot answer. I used to believe in a life for a life especially when children were involved. My views haven't changed that much but as I have got older, I suppose I have gotten more mature and have begun to think that it is wrong for any one to take a human life, but if someone commits murder then life should mean life. Not ten years or fifteen years. Posted by Picasa

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