25 July, 2005

Deja vu

This morning when I woke up. I had the strangest feeling I had done exactly what I was doing before. So I switched on the TV. Low and behold it told me that the Labour government were in power. I wasn't that shocked after all I know that we had had eight years of them already. So that in its self wasn't that strange. As I got dressed I had this feeling that everything was the same. As I started to run through the channels on my TV. I noticed on the parliament channel, we still had these people we called MPs arguing like little children in the house of commons. So no change there then. Then I noticed a change on ITV 1. Trisha had had a sex change she had now become a man and was white. As I went through all the channels nothing had changed except for the news but even that seemed the same, bombs and people being killed the only difference, it wasn't the IRA. I sat down and had a cup of tea and piece of toast. Then it all came back to me Tony Blair rushing around the world. The G8 summit. People being killed by terrorists. Yet I still had this feeling of deja vu.

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