01 July, 2005

Tories to host homeless summit

The Tory party have had a summit on homelessness hosted by shadow secretary for local government Caroline Spelman. I think it is about time the Conservatives got their act together and got rid of the we don't really care image it presents to the public, after all wasn't it the Conservatives who ended the right for homeless people to have a permanent home? I just wondering, is this really a new image they are attempting to build? Because years ago it was a couple of Tories that started the homeless charity Crisis.
Still on the subject of homelessness. I am still trying to figure out why all of a sudden the number of homeless have dropped, so dramatically? Have you ever heard the words fixed, rigged manipulated figures? Why do I say this? I know from past experience that councils will find any excuse not to house you. They will say you don't have a connection with the area or you haven't been in the area long enough. Councils will bend the law if they can. Can you blame them? If it was me bending the law I would be put in front of a judge quicker than you could say cheese. So why should councils get away with it. First you have to prove it which could be frustrating but as the homeless sometimes say that's life. Anyway i hope to have some kind of report on the summit soon.

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