19 July, 2005

Me ranting again

Most people that know me know I can be opinionated at the best of times. But when I hear such things as homelessness is improving and the NHS is now doing better I automatically think to myself yeah, pull the other one leg it's got bells on! It really does annoy me, as this government leave me with the impression that they have done their best and now we can take things a little easier. I admit that the number of homeless actually sleeping on the street has fallen, but now they are in hostels. Some are in B&Bs because councils have nowhere else to put them. As to what councils do with the money they get from selling off housing stock I don't know. I always thought that councils were supposed to sell off houses and with that money build new ones. Well, that's what I thought. In the past we had councils doing expensive surveys on should we ban Bah Bah Black Sheep from schools, talk about politically correct. What a load of w.........s we had then. As far as the NHS goes I know people that live only a hundred yards from their local GP and are refused because they don't come into his catchment area and I know people who just because they are homeless are still being refused to be put on doctors lists. Just for that reason alone, I am begining to wonder why people pay national insurance.
Now on to the subject of holes because I have this strange aversion to them after falling in one a few years ago. Which is neither here nor there. The government make all these policies and then when someone really looks close at them they find gaping great loop holes in the set up of these said policies which costs the government millions of pounds which of course means it costs the tax payer. Me and you. Shouldn't they employ experts like myself to look at them thoroughly and pick up on them before it costs too much to put right. After all they say it takes a thief to catch a thief. Basically what these people who find the loop holes are doing is stealing legally. Well, that's my gripe for today.

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