11 October, 2005

250 children go missing every 24 hours

It's a staggering fact that every 24 hrs 250 children go missing from homes around Britain.
London seems to attract them like a magnet because London is such a diverse place its felt that in a city this big you can get lost. But like most cities London is a city of crime and vice and after a while 89% of the children that runaway will either commit crime or be lured into sex. It cost the police around �5,000,000 a year to find and return runaways back to wherever they came from. Sometimes returning them can turn out to be more dangerous. The police do have young missing person files on computers but some forces never use them. The questions to be asked are by finding these children are we stopping more serious crimes from happening. Are we really doing the best for the children concerned by returning them to the homes they ran away from and why are the government still thinking about doing something more. When they should doing something now?
How many children have disappeared over the years and never been heard from again?
How many are dead?
How many children are there right now being abused because they have no where to go?
These are the questions I pose as I have been homeless as a child and I'm still here, not by luck but by being able to survive. Most kids on the street today are clever enough to survive the first few months but when it gets tough, it's then the barrier's they built break down and things they thought they'd never do. They do. They believe they have no other option if they want to survive. Drugs, crime and prostitution have become the norms in any city in Britain. America and Britain have the same problem with young runaways. Over 4,000,000 a year runaway in America but they do have a system where they can get them temporary accommodation. In this country we have nothing like that. It's against the law for anyone to put someone under 16yrs up even for one night. We need to do something now. We need to change our system so we can protect youngsters from drugs and vice and themselves. We need it now not later. As the government sit and ponder what to do for the next six months 108000 children will run away and most will commit a crime and some will be abused and used by someone they should never have met. we have to do something the childrens society are now calling for the government to set up refuges and I whole heartedly agree.

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