19 October, 2005

My own views

My own views on the leadership of the Conservatives as cynical as they maybe, are somewhat clouded by the past. When they were in power it seemed that they were a party for the rich and the poor just got put to one side. To me voting Tory is like having a headache and not having a real cure. All the parties make promises and when they do get into office make a start on keeping them but they never see them through fully. It's only by being normal that I am now seeing the things for what they are and government is one of those things. I have heard people say this government is no good and sometimes I agree with them. But as far the conservatives go I'd rather the devil I know than another Thatcherite. I often think about running my own party that does stand for something real like ending homelessness and poverty and I would make the effort to listen to the people and really try to understand what the people want. I understand that a government must do the best for it's people and must make some unpleasant decisions that needs to be made. The one thing I hear a lot about is the war in Iraq. Would I have gone to war. The answer is I think I would have eventually but not until I'd given the inspectors the time they wanted. I do believe this dictator had to be removed but not at the price the Iraq's and us are having to pay. I am always asking questions and the question high on my list is why do we make these weapons of mass destruction and then say they are only a deterrent? Surely we must know that sooner or later someone will make bigger and better weapons. I think if I was prime minister I'd use weapons that we have now rather than make bigger and better ones because we do have enough of a deterrent. The money I'd save on that alone would save so many lives in this country alone. I'd call my party the people for justice party.

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womble said...

"People for Justice" sounds such a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, I suspect there aren't enough people sufficiently altruistic to ever make such a party a reality. However, I'll be there with you.