10 October, 2005

The child in me ( an old poem of mine)

Many many moons ago
When this world of mine was like a shining like a star
My childhood toy a brand new motor car.
There was wonder was in my eyes.
The child in me just glowed and glowed.
Life back then was like opening presents.
Everyday surprising.
Everyday a brand new joy.
Many many years ago.
I took the steps that led my way.
I spoke my words.
Then cowboys rode into the living room.
Indians yelled and screamed.
And then got slain.
From unseen bullets from plastic guns.
I was just a child having so much fun.
But the child in me it glowed and glowed.
Life way back then was the storybook.

Not so many many moons ago.
Love was in full bloom.
Blood rushed to the head.
That nervousness of that first kiss.
That question.
Did I became a man.
And yet still the child in me just glowed and glowed.
For youth was calling time.
Innocence was dying.
Time was racing by.
Not long ago my first was born.
Overjoyed and a little jealous too.
For childhood games and childhood dreams.
For me was over.
For my child's childhood had just begun.
But still the child in me just glows and glows.
Not so bright these days.
But still I have the child in me.

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