23 October, 2005

How do I?

How do I get politicians to listen to the people that feel they are not being listened to?
I was once one of those unfortunate few who were in the minority because I lived on the street. It was assumed by most that I didn't have a brain in my head and that like most people it was my own fault and I would partly agree with that. Yes it was my own choice to use drugs simply because my mum used them and like most children they are led by example but years ago when I was at school and when the social workers came round to see my mum and stepfather. Why did no one listen to what myself and my sisters were saying. We like so many others were just ignored and now the politicians seem to be doing the same. How can politicians say we are doing these things for your own good. The public need to be listened to. We now have a crime rate that has now become unacceptable. We have a failing health service that used to be the best in the world. Even our economy seems to be static. The big question is why? Labour blames the Conservatives. The Liberals blame both of them. They say people don't turn out in force for elections can you blame anyone for not voting. When they all know that most of what politicians promise is just to get votes and after awhile you hear that nothings change. How can any politician say look we are making progress when the poorer are getting poorer. The pensioners are still struggling to make ends meet and now it seems if you work hard all your life your pensions not worth the paper it's written on. To top that it seems there is no real incentive for the unemployed to get the training for other jobs when they are going to be stopped benefit if they go to college more that 20 hrs a week. Oh and if you commit a murder life will only mean ten to fifteen years. Is that justice? What this government seems to be doing is taking away a person right to choose whether to smoke in public places I agree that smoking should not be allowed in places that serve food but is this really what we voted for? To have a government say this is a law we need? When we already have health warnings on cigarettes. The choice to smoke should be left to individuals after all it's not illegal. The same with alcohol. We all know that too much can cause harm and yet it's legal as well. What this to me says to me about the government is, if we can tax you. We will tax you heavily but we wont stop it because we will lose a valuable source of tax revenue. How can any government stand up and tell me that anything that causes you harm can still be legal? Maybe that's politics? I think I would make one heck of a politician. Well that's my rant for this week


jamiemccoy said...

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suonnoch said...

Sometimes it seems that the more government we have, the less governed we are, since we assume that 'someone else will take care of it'. Perhaps the challenge is to define what constitutes personal responsibility, and get the politicians to demarcate their boundaries too, without sliding round the edges. Then we might also be able to assess exactly what and how much they do.