20 October, 2005

Fighting for bread

I was thinking about what I could tell you about today. When suddenly I thought tell the people the truth about the fights that are breaking out over sandwiches and soup that some kind people give the homeless at night. At first I thought whose going to believe that in this day and age people are fighting over bread in a rich country like ours, but its true. Homeless people are literally fighting over bread. Well, this weekend I will take photos of this happening as they say the camera never lies.
As councils try to stop these food handouts. It seems that more and more of the homeless are now beginning to suffer the hardship of the street and now that winter is upon us things can only get tougher. Why do councils want to stop people from receiving what for some, is the only food they get in one day. They say there are too many. I'll say but there are too many homeless. The photos I want to show you are the ones that show just how severe homelessness is in this country. I know I'll never convince the government that actually the problem seems to be getting worse again but at least I will have the knowledge I am trying to show just what is happening and how big a problem it is and that it cannot be dismissed or swept under the carpet.

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Adam said...

"I know I'll never convince the government that..."

never say never. you immediately fail the moment you say "I'll never..."