11 October, 2005

Asleep during the day

A Sunday morning and the city isn't that busy but another homeless couple have no where to go or nothing to do. The only day center open is the one near Aldgate and that's too far to walk after a night of no sleep because of the Saturday night drunks and the sound of cars passing. What really gets up my nose is I have a government that tell everyone we are curing the problem. Yet how can they be when I go out and see just as many in the last month homelessness has definitely risen and seems to be rising even more. Youngsters are now on the streets and they sleep in back alleys and out of sight. So they wont get woken and caught as many of them are runaways. How long is it going to be before anyone does admit there is a growing problem again? This is really what being homeless is like taking naps where and when you can. Posted by Picasa

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