03 October, 2005

My own speech to become Conservative leader

We are here today not to change our parties values but to look forward and make this party a party of the future. We as a party should not only listen to its people. We should act on the things they want and need. We should go out and see first hand why people are complaining and losing hope in government. Our values and goals should be no different to those of the people of this great nation. No matter who they are whether they are homeless, from poor housing estates or well to do rich and famous. Everyone should and will come under the umbrella of our party. We need to fight for those that are less fortunate than some. We need to end poverty that affects the well being of this country. We need to seek out permanent solutions to this countries problems. We don't have to be the party of sticking plaster mentality. We need to be a party that can create jobs for it's people. That can sustain it's growth. We need to be a party of common sense but we can't do this if we are a party that is divided, that can't even agree on it's own policies for electing who should be leader. We need to be united as one party. We need to work together. We need and must create a party fit for government. At the last election we got more votes than labour yet we still lost. What is it that's missing from the party? The simple answer is trust. We need to show the voters that we are not a party of broken promises or a party for the rich. We need to show we are a party for everyone. The most common thing people said as to why they didn't vote for us was they had lost our trust and that's why we lost the last election. It wasn't because we didn't work hard enough or we didn't believe in what we were saying. It's because people didn't trust us. They didn't believe us when we told them we can deliver the things they wanted and needed. Why should they? We didn't deliver the last time and why should they this time. It's now time to go out there and show people we are not the has been party but we are the only party that can deliver what it promises and we are the only party that cares. I could go and on.
Do you think I would be elected leader? Now if you want ot vote for me ( just for fun) click on the comment anonymously and say yes or no


tonda said...


The Tories need people like you, Jamie. Their policies in the 80s and early 90s, and the inequality that resulted from them, caused massive social problems and greatly increased the homeless problem which the Labour government are now, unsuccessfully, trying to remedy. If the Tories have any future, it can only be by acknowledging the needs of the masses, instead of the lucky few. You go get 'em!

alan martin said...

Hi Jamie,

Great speech!

Your messages of unity and trust are not often heard in political circles.

I would vote for you,


womble said...

Yes, Jamie.