03 October, 2005


People today seem to me to be more free to do and say what they like. It seems that many governments all over the world think that we are now too free. We have smoking bans which I agree is unhealthy but shouldn't it be down to the individual to make that choice after all the buying of tobacco is legal . I smoke myself and am smoking less than I was. Due to me feeling unfit. Having ID cards seems to be a good idea but it does seems to take away the freedom of the individual to go from place to place without being stopped plus the fact that Having your Id stolen could prove more hazardous that having it stolen like it is being done today. The thing that does puzzle me somewhat is the freedom to trade. Why we have restrictions on free trade the Chinese are the prime example of a country we knew to be poor yet when they started to do well we seemed to have put a wall in front so they couldn't trade and that to me is not free trade. When it made shopping cheaper shouldn't we be following their example? Anyway that's only my opinion

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