06 October, 2005


People never cease to amaze me. As you have probably read up until a few years ago I was lost in world of drugs and homelessness. Then I somehow I turned my life upside down thanks to a few people that cared about people. I have learned to read and write and I have been told I write really well. Tonight I went out on to the streets in Covent Garden just to stop people and ask the simple question what do you think of homeless people? Some were too busy to stop but most did but one comment stuck in my head and was from a man that said I feel sorry for the people the sleep on the streets but what can you do? It's a daily scene all over this country. I asked him to name some of the place he had been. He said Manchester, blackpool. Cardiff, Bolton, Evesham, just to name a few . Then he said if he gave a pound for every time he saw a homeless person he be owing money. Its the governments fault for not seeing this coming years ago. We have had several governments that have swept it under the carpet and to be honest I think this one's doing it again. They say they are taking people off the streets but let me show you something. So I walked to a car park near by and there where four people asleep in sleeping bags. Then we walked down towards the Charing cross road and saw eight people making their beds of card board. He said all these people need help but it costs money but who is going to help them not a government that is all about saving money and spending it on so called more important things like war. These people are spread out all over this city. In other cities I bet its the same story. The funny thing is I asked him who he voted for and he said no one he couldn't trust any party that promises and doesn't deliver.
I was just wondering is he the saying what most of the people of this country are thinking?

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