14 October, 2005

Is this stepping backwards

Do you remember me talking about Malcolm. The man who was having problems with his housing. He was in a supported housing scheme where he had his own flat. It is was supposed to be supported by the housing charity Providence Row. Well now Malcolm is being told he is being referred back to a hostel. Which is ludicrous as he has a flat and to go from that to one room is to me a step backwards. Charities are always saying they do the best for their clients but this is the opposite. Just because a man doesn't need the full care the charity has to offer doesn't mean he has to go backwards this is what his email to me said
Jamie, am I moving on or moving back in my life? At this time in my life I live in supporting housing but it is a flat I can cook for myself. I've got a separate bedroom but now the supporting housing are moving me back to a hostel So is that moving on? I think not?
Is this what the government mean when they say we are trying to get people off the streets and give them the help they need or this a charity saying, we make the rules and you will stick to them. As we all know there are two sides to every coin and I hope Providence Row will give me the chance to put their side of the argument.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, a good blog, well done. What do you mean by supported housing? Is it housing where there are staff who help people get back into "normal" life? or housing that is cheap for the occupant to live in? Why is he being moved - is it because they feel he can be more independent and needs to find his own way now? Whatever, it does seem a bit harsh. Are they going to move some other poor bugger in, only to shunt them out in a years time?

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