29 October, 2005

An idea for a never ending story

I was thinking about writing another children's book but then I had this thought. What about a book written by anyone in the world? I'd start it of course but it could be a sort of book that continues everyday. The longest story in the world ever to be written but would anyone write it? If you think you could then let me know at Poetmccoy@hotmail.com It's such a simple idea that I might just get it started on Monday. Maybe you have a true tale to tell well you can make a story out of it and if your clever you can join things up with what other people have written so the never ending story really is a never ending story. The site will be called thelongeststoryintheworld. The user name will be worldwriter123 and the pass word will be world123. If you want to start then go ahead I wont mind.

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