10 October, 2005


Today I was thinking of the first poem I wrote and the feeling I got just to write something that was so simple. Being able to read and write has changed me from being the man that could only listen. To one that can put it down on paper and say what he means. It's so funny that being a homeless person and drug addict used to hold me back in everything I wanted to do. Knowing you have a bit of intelligence and proving it while you are living on the streets is so hard. Being an addict as well makes it twice as hard because peoples perception of you is automatically not good because the stupidity of taking drugs is the first barrier. The second is just being homeless. People get themselves into situations like I did and see no way out. The thing is I gave myself half a chance and took it with both hands out stretched. I can now smile when I say the day my life changed was the mad half hour on Blackfiars bridge. When the river Thames got stoned instead of me and the woman that picked me up in her black cab and took me to me first Crisis at Christmas shelter. Without these things happening. I doubt whether I would be writing this today. I doubt whether I'd be free of drugs and the misery they have caused me and other people that know me.

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